About Sensory Saturdays

Many children have sensory processing difficulties and crave sensory stimulation throughout their day. Whether your child is a “sensory seeker” or “sensory avoider”, they need support to integrate their nervous system and make sense of all of the stimuli in their environment.Sensory Saturdays can help your child to explore and tolerate various sensory input and most importantly give your child the tools they need to cope in their busy every day environments. Each week children will work towards set goals through FUN activities and challenges.



Sensory Saturdays

Program Dates: TBA

Programming Hours: TBA

Target Goals:

                  • motor planning and sequencing actions
                  • gross and fine motor development
                  • core strength and stability
                  • bilateral co-ordination
                  • tolerance and awareness of auditory input
                  • tactile awareness
                  • oral motor awareness and control
                  • visual motor perception
                  • self-calming and regulating


Parents will also be provided with tips and strategies they can do at home to work on sensory integration and regulation.