Here are just a few things people are saying about Kids CAN

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“Our experience at Kids CAN has been great! The instructors are enthusiastic and experienced working with ASD children. In our opinion this makes a world of difference for our son and us as well. The nature of their teaching eliminates the need for a 1:1 support worker that would otherwise be needed in a community-based camp program.”
” My son loves Kids CAN and has made remarkable progress in a very short time. He had his first successful play date with the neighbours! Kids CAN was the only social skills group I could find for my son’s age group. It is well worth the commute”


Parent Testimonials

“I can see the improvements in my son’s social skills at home and when we have company, since he started the program. The service providers are knowledgeable professionals with obvious expertise in working with kids with autism. They are compassionate and truly want to help. This is evident in the way they communicate with parents and in their rapport with the kids. My son loves the program and this enables him to learn.”
“This is a wonderful place for children to learn.”
“We feel confident he is learning and getting the most out of his summer camp experience”
We are so impressed with the program variety and enthusiasm of the instructors”