Kids CAN Charity was established as a not for profit organization in 2010 and became a registered charity in 2011.


Our Mission:

The objective of Kids CAN Charity is to provide support and encouragement for children and youth with autism and other developmental disorders. Programs offered by the charity include community field trips, after school social groups, individual support programs, parent support groups, and parent coaching. Through fundraising and grants, our goal is raise enough money to make these necessary programs accessible to more families by greatly reducing or eliminating fees. Kids CAN Charity hopes to spread feelings of relief, happiness and hope to all families and children living with autism.

How Funds Are Used:

All of the money raised through Kids CAN Charity, funds the expenses involved with operating programs and parent support for children, youth, and parents. Every dollar is used to go towards to cost of teaching materials, transportation on outings and qualified staff. A portion of funds raised also goes directly toward families in need of financial assistance. The more funds that are raised to defray program expenses, the less reliant we are on the registration fees paid by parents.