Executive Director

Hope McSwain, CSW.,Executive Director
graduated from Trios College in London, ON. She is a certified Advanced DIR/Floortime provider and is dedicated to continued education in supporting families of children with special needs . Hope has been apart of the Kids CAN team for over eight years and has experience providing home-based and inclusion-based therapy to children on the spectrum. Hope is a program supervisor for Kids CAN’s after school programs and facilitates several fundraising, parent support groups and community outreach projects throughout the year.

The programming at Kids CAN is delivered by a team of professionals from a variety of disciplines.    Our team includes Developmental Therapists, Child & Youth workers, and Qualified DIR® Therapists. As well as resources for an Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, Music Therapist, Art Therapist, Yoga Instructor and Nutritionist.


Michele Kane, B.A, M.T
Michele Kane, B.A, M.TCo-Founder & Director of Programming
Michele graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honors degree in Psychology. She then completed a Master of Teaching degree and became a member of the Ontario College of Teachers. Michele has over nine years of experience providing one-to-one support for special needs children. Working as a full-time instructor therapist, she received extensive training at one of the first Canadian ABA schools and has completed level I of the DIR/Floortime Certificate. In addition, Michele is a certified provider of The Listening Program, which is a form of therapeutic music intervention. Michele has experience providing home-based and inclusion-based therapy to children on the spectrum.
Trillian Bateson, B.A
Trillian Bateson, B.ACo-Founder & Director of Programming
Trillian studied at the University of Waterloo. She has eight years of experience working with children and gained valuable ABA training and resources through her employment as an instructor therapist at one of the first ABA centres to open in Canada. For four years Trillian worked intensively with a team of therapists and has overseen the implementation of home-based therapy for many children. She has continued to develop her knowledge in the field, through workshops and courses on Verbal Behaviour, Applied Behaviour Analysis, the DIR Floortime Model and Brain Gym. Trillian has taught social skills programs to children in their homes as well as in integrated school settings.